Planeta R is all my loves.


Those who have known me since I was a child are aware of my love for stationery. While other children dreamed of becoming teachers or firefighters, I dreamed of owning a stationery store. I vividly remember my excitement when I was allowed to choose something from the office supply cabinets in my mother's office; it could take me hours to pick the perfect item.

Even today, I can spend hours in a stationery store, but I no longer buy anything, as I have a greater love: the planet. This is why I always think ten times before making a purchase. Do I really need it? Do I have something I can reuse for the same purpose? Is it recyclable? Unfortunately, in my case, as I mostly work on the computer, the answers are usually 'no,' 'yes,' 'no,' when it comes to stationery items. However, it all changed when I realized that my son would start school in a year. Are there sustainable school supplies available in the market?

After some research, and I must confess, a bit of surprise, I found that there were not. Large retailers don't offer recycled notebooks, and other environmentally responsible items are either too expensive or hard to find.

After spending more than ten years in various European countries, six of them in Denmark, where I met Nikolaj and had Leo, we moved to Portugal two years ago. The lack of eco-friendly school supplies was not the first gap I encountered in terms of environmentally responsible habits.

I miss the bike commutes to work, the second-hand markets, the thrift stores for children's clothing, and used toy shops on every corner... Here is another one of my loves: a good challenge. If I could contribute even the slightest bit to the promotion and adoption of more environmentally responsible behaviors among Portuguese families, I would be very happy. And as my husband says, quoting Pippi Longstocking: 'I have never tried that before, so I'm sure I can do it.'

This is a mission for our family.

With this goal in mind, we created Planeta R. It feels so good to take one step at a time. We started with eco-friendly stationery, and I finally had an excuse to buy some notebooks, pens, and colored pencils! But this time without guilt, because I know they will convey a message to both young and old: it's not always more expensive or more complicated to do our part to reduce our planet's consumption impact.

I dream that our planet will be more than just a store, that it will be a space of inspiration, both online and physical, a place where our family can learn. The space expedition is set for Planeta R. Who dares to join?


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  • Lene Brusgaard on

    At børn synes det er dejligt at cykle, fremgår vist tydeligt af dette foto

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