Educational sewing game with buttons
Educational sewing game with buttons
Educational sewing game with buttons

Educational sewing game with buttons

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This game encourages concentration and physical motor development.

Recommended for ages 3+.

Made of cardboard and string

EN-71 certified

Responsibly manufactured in the Czech Republic

Recyclable cardboard packaging

About Detoa - Since 1908

Detoa Albrechtice, founded in 1908, is the largest traditional producer of wooden toys, beads, wooden components for board games, educational materials, and piano parts in Central Europe. Its factory is located in northern Czech Republic, where all production is centralized. Detoa's extensive experience and production tradition make it a hallmark producer of wooden toys. All products are tested and comply with European requirements under EN-71 standards.

Detoa products are made from high-quality hardwood, primarily sourced from mountainous regions of Central Europe. Wood from these emission-free industrial areas is of superior quality, ensuring maximum utilization. Once logs are cut, they're delivered to Detoa's processing plant and protected from mold and stains solely through continuous water spraying. They are neither chemically treated nor processed.

For coloring, Detoa exclusively uses certified organic paints and varnishes that meet EN 71 standards, approved for use by children of all ages without environmental impact. Stickers used are sourced from reputable European manufacturers and are certified for young children. Other materials (like leather, felt, or fabric) undergo stringent access control and meet all safety requirements.

Detoa products are primarily designed for young children; hence, great emphasis is placed on technological processes and finishing. The result is high-quality products ensured by this decades-experienced producer.

All Detoa toys undergo testing by an independent institute and are safety certified.

Packaging used for products is fully recyclable. Detoa has contributed to the European recycling system since 2002.

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