Que Clima Este!
Que Clima Este!
Que Clima Este!

Que Clima Este!

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In the book 'Que Clima Este!', we'll discover the emotional weather that accompanies us. Does good weather prevail or is it often cloudy? But pollution, tsunamis, and acid rain are they part of us or just our planet? Sometimes emotions take hold of us as if it were a real tsunami! Finally, being true emotional ecologists who bet on sustainability, let's learn to daily eliminate our own waste, reducing, recycling, and reusing.

Highlights: Emotional Ecology, an innovative concept in the Portuguese market; books aimed at teachers, educators, and parents to work with children, either in groups or individually; illustrations that provoke reflection; it combines theory with practice through suggested activities.

The collection: Emotional Ecology is a collection with a completely innovative concept in the Portuguese market. These books will help parents and educators work on confidence, fears, relationships with others, love, or the spaces that surround us where we feel safe, among many other stages that are part of growth. How can we work on emotions starting from ecology and our surroundings? With practical activity suggestions, it's a journey to learn how to manage our emotions!

Notes: Stemming from emotional management and humanistic psychology, Emotional Ecology works on the triangle formed by Education, Emotions, and the Environment: by observing the ecosystems around us, we can better work on and take care of our emotions. Each book consists of five chapters: a general theme with 3 questions to spark debate, followed by a relationship between our external and internal worlds. After analyzing the presented concepts, we'll work on them practically with the 6 proposals provided in each chapter in the form of debate, activity, story, game, or situation. All proposals include: objectives, activity, reflections on the same, and conclusions to draw.

EAN: 9789896792350

Age: Not specified

Author/Illustrator: Maria Mercè Conangla, Jaume Soler, Paloma Valdivia

Theme: Environment

Collection: Emotional Ecology

Number of pages: 64

Release date: October, 2013

Publisher: Edicare

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